Using the worldwide popular style and the high quality aluminum-alloy as material.The popup has the following advantages:durable, firm structure, light, carry conveniently,operate briefly, you can change the graphics at will without damaging the popup.
The size can be made as required.

Free-standing shelf unit
configured with a 1x3
straight wall
Workstation pedestal is attached to a 1x3 straight wall A bridge& a 1x3
shelfunit can be add
to any configuration
6x3 wavilness 6x3 wing
SpaceStation Curve Center & 2 Straight Walls Configured from two 3x3 popup(curved)joined by a 1x3 with an ovalface bow, and a backlit transparency panel
Pedestals are Optional Pedestals are Optional
Pedestals are Optional Configured from seven 1x3popup(straight)
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